We will answer all questions


We will answer all questions

Box beam (MDF) from 100 rubles

Door frames made of MDF are widely used in the manufacture of doors due to many positive performance properties. MDF is a product of the woodworking industry. MDF boards are made by pressing at high pressure and temperature of fine wood chips or fibers bonded with urea resins.

Telescopic box beam from 150 rubles

Box timber sandwich from 190 rubles

Box timber (eco-veneer) from 200 rubles

Dobory (finish film) from 83 rubles

Finish-film panels are MDF molded products finished with a layer of decorative film, the basis of which is cellulose with a protective varnish coating. Completions are used to decorate the slopes of doorways and are installed between the door frame and the casing, giving the opening a finished and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Telescopic fence from 83 rubles

Doors made of eco-veneer for interior doors are molded products designed for the design of slopes. They are made of a wooden board or MDF with a decorative coating with eco-veneer - a polymer material that imitates the texture and color of natural wood veneer. It is only necessary to accurately select products in color and texture, corresponding to the decorated interior door.

Platbands (finish film) from 50 rubles

Platbands are semicircular from 50 rubles


Telescopic platbands from 150 rubles

Telescopic platbands look like a regular strip with a perpendicular shelf. Installation of such a structure is carried out without the use of nails - the protruding comb is simply inserted into the groove on the door frame or in the extension. The result is an aesthetically pleasing telescope system that can be assembled without damaging the surface with hardware.